We’re Back…

To state the obvious, it has been a long time since we posted something on our blog. We have been keeping well and busy. It seems that our days quickly flow into months. We continue to provide help and support to the Harbel branch on the weekends and keep the office running during the rest of the week.

In some ways a lot has happened since last August, but in other ways much remains the same. Two couples have joined us and two couples have returned home since that time. A Stake (similar to a Diocese) and several Wards (local congregations), a District (the forerunner of a Stake in developing areas) and several Branches (local congregations that in time will become Wards) have been created. A hydroelectric power project has been put back into operation after lying in ruin for more than 25 years. While it will take quite some time to get the transmission and distribution infrastructure in place, the availability of power has the potential to make a significant difference in the lives of people in Liberia. A few street lights have even been installed along the main road we frequently use. The rainy season has come and gone, the pineapples are as sweet as ever and we have a new concrete road leading to the mission office. The couple responsible for leading our Humanitarian work have been very busy obtaining approval for and providing oversight on several projects (water wells, latrines, refurbishing a maternity hospital, etc). On a personal note, we have had a number of new grandchildren arrive or that are soon to arrive and we are into our second winter without having to shovel any snow!!!! Trudy also helped to make someone’s day recently when she literally bought a U2 shirt off of their back and paid a premium for the privilege.

A few pictures follow. We hope that as you face the daily challenges of life, you will be able to reflect and realize that we have it very good in so many ways. While we may have a hard time trying to decide what to make for supper, others are wondering if they will have anything to eat today or tomorrow. Living here brings quite a new perspective and world view to these eyes. Take care.

New latrine for a fishing village


A bit of Christmas Day Style!



Liberian Ladies Fashion


Bath time and having a “wheely good time”


3 thoughts on “We’re Back…

  1. Great to hear from you again. Glad that things are going well. Think of you often.

    I expect this mission will surely change your lives forever.

    Meow Trudy from our gang of 3.


    Nanci H



  2. Great to finally see a new update! Congrats again on the grandchildren. Glad to see you and Trudy are still doing well and still enjoying your mission.


  3. Nice to hear of your adventures. Some great pictures. What a different world you are in!!
    Cool that power is back. I’m sure Cam Smigel helped in that process!!

    …. Bob and Trish


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